Late as usual lately

Been sick this past week, so I simply forgot writing 101.

I’m about to lose my office in the sun room. My husband thinks it’s too hot in there for me. We’re moving me to the dining room. We don’t use it for dining anyway. At least I’ll still get plenty of light.

Still rehabilitating after my stroke. That’s been hard sometimes. My left hand still has two crooked fingers on it, so I’m writing mostly with just one. My writing is going to be slow. I’m finally able to wash my own hair and bath most of myself, an accomplishment. Was able to walk the full distance from the parking lot to the steps in front of our apartment, but wasn’t able to climb the stairs yet. I think I started on the wrong foot. Should have begun with the right instead of the left.

For me, I think it’s been twenty minutes. I’ll leave with this thought: Open your minds and let your writing voices out.


3 thoughts on “Late as usual lately

  1. Wow, congratulations on blogging and I’ll be praying for your recovery! My grandfather, after his stroke, changed the mouse button from right to left to make it easier to use it with his other hand. Depending on your “handed-ness,” just thought I’d mention it in case it helps.

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