Writing 101 – Day 2; Where would I go?

Speed of light, send me to France!

One place that I’ve always wanted to visit is The Louvre in France. Imagine a tall glass building, but not just any building. It’s an expansive pyramid. One can get lost there amongst Da Vinci as well as others. Just looking briefly, you see not just one pyramid, but three. The main building is as big as a fortress, which it used to be and surrounds the pyramids. This large glass pyramid, some 71 feet tall, leads to stairs below to the exhibits, including the Mona Lisa, covering 15 acres of land.

Why is this place so important to me? I’ve always wanted to be an artist. Studying the some 35,000 works, paintings, sculptures, prints and others, will give me more of an appreciation for art and learn about the different strokes and styles of others.



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