Writing 101 – Day 4 Losing something Important

We all take advantage of the fact that we can move about freely, coming home every day or even back and forth to the store. What happens when you can’t anymore. I had a stroke in August of 2013 and have lost a lot. My weight ballooned due to not being able to say no to the food my husband brought home and to not being able to even go into the kitchen to prepare my own. My left arm and hand have also developed degenerative arthritis. So I have lost the ability to do most things a right-handed person would need their left hand and arm for.

We get up every day and either go to work somewhere or stay at home and do nothing. We are even able to prepare our own meals and hold a book while reading. Doing nothing is fine for some, but not for someone who is used to doing more. Can’t do regular housework anymore, walk up a flight of stairs, or even reach into the ice box for something.  Even holding a book is difficult, so I have to read at a table. To top all that off, I have to be wheeled down the hill every time I need to leave the apartment because there is a hill beside our place that I am unable to go down because of my weight and the arthritis combined. If my husband wasn’t working out of the home, I would really be lost right now. I AM able to get around mostly with a walker and sometimes with a cane.

Losing my freedom to come and go shopping or to an appointment by myself is not fun at all. I’m not ready to give up my life though. I want to get better. This incident has most surely given me a greater appreciation of my husband also. He now not only takes care of his business, but also my needs.


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