Writing 101 – Day Five: The letter

Walking along the picnic grounds, we finally found a great spot for lunch. Most tables were trashed up, but one just had a single bottle sitting on it. Under this bottle was an envelope. Picking it up to toss it away, I froze. It was addressed to someone I knew, a woman who had been widowed about a year earlier. The envelope wasn’t sealed so I opened it and pulled the letter out. It was a letter from someone’s heart. It told how much he loved her and needed her. Do I put it back in the envelope and seal it and mail it, take it to her, or throw it out?

Is this person going to take advantage of someone I care about or really be the one thing that she needs right now? Why was the letter left on the table anyway? Why was the guy afraid to send it himself? That was probably the coward’s way out, if anything. If it was me that was on the receiving end, I’d probably want it because of the love it expressed. So moving.

Sitting down, I discussed the situation with my friend. We prayed and decided to take the letter to her together and tell her how we found it and we thought the guy really meant what he said but was afraid to tell her. Then it would be her move…


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