Writing 101 – Day Three – More Free Writing

11:21 AM, let’s see how this goes… Listening to Lethal Weapon 2 and sitting in front of my computer. There’s promise of rain today. My honey has surprised me today. He has begun to check on me more often. Yesterday, he scared me silly by just coming in quietly and starting to talk. This time he announced himself before  he came in. So considerate.

I’ve been here probably too long today. My arms hurt because I spent time on Facebook. My left arm hurts probably because the table is too tall. I’ve been catching up on what is due for writing 101 and realize that it really won’t be too difficult to do. Doing two or three a day should catch me up soon.

It’s strange, the traffic sounds so slow today, almost like a Saturday where there is no traffic. I hate living on the highway! It is usually so noisy. I can almost tolerate it today. I know this isn’t much, but the assignment says 15 minutes and my time is up already. Sorry for the slowness.


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