Writing 101 – Day Seven – A Hand’s Down

Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

Mr. Right: Hey, Lefty! Are you awake?

Mr. Left: Always. What are we doing today?

Mr. Right: We’re clicking buttons on that keyboard thing on the table. It shouldn’t take much time.

Mr. Left: Speak for yourself. You mean that it shouldn’t take YOU much time. It takes me so long because I have only two fingers that work right now. You have more that can do the work. We’re both hurting. Remind me again, why are we here?

Mr. Right: The body we’re attached to needs to keep busy. Besides, we need the exercise. You’re as good as I am. You shouldn’t complain, even if it hurts.

Mr. Left: I am as weak as a young sapling with no support pole to hold it up. After five minutes I want to quit. You act like it doesn’t bother you. How do you handle it?

Mr. Right: Me? I mess us a lot. I hit keys too much sometimes. You don’t seem to. Sure, it hurts, but I don’t let it bother me.

Mr. Left began clicking keys, He never missed a letter. Mr. Right smiled.

Mr. Right; See! You’re keeping up great. You can do anything, especially chores like this. You just have to try.

Mr. Left: OK! It’s not as bad as I thought. Get busy. We don’t want the feet to think we’re slackards. They keep complaining “I’m so swollen.” “I hurt!” At least we don’t complain like that. They’re the ones that keep us away from the keyboard when we want to work. How are you feeling?

Mr. Right: Stiff, but not so tired yet. Hey feet! Take us back to bed and stop complaining when we need to exercise. You may be swollen, but at least you’re not as crooked as Lefty!

Mr. Left: Crooked! What, name calling now? I’m not crooked, just bent up a bit. OK, let’s go back to bed and try again tomorrow. I hate being like this.


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