Writing 101- Day eight – Doing our part

When we think of doing our part, we think of how we can serve out world or country.

Serving our world means re-cycling to clean it up. We do this daily in many ways. Sometimes this is a requirement and it means paying a fee. We pay a fee to do this with batteries, tires, and now electronics. This keeps these items out of landfills and the land free from contaminates. ThWe also re-cycle by collecting bottles(plastic and glass), cans, and paper.

Bottles can be used for a lot of things. Glass can be re-cycled and used to make more glass bottles or even glass for decorative items. Plastic can be used for even more now. It can be used for items such as more bottles, clothing, decorative items, and even carpet now. Cans also can be used for more. Think about it. Have you ever seen a house made of aluminum cans? There are such. Many people collect these items to be picked up daily or weekly.  Paper , of course, becomes more paper. Also, some people often take use paper and make a mulch with it to make paper mache or other items. This gives children and others to learn creative ways to build and keep their minds active.

Serving our country requires an even greater sacrifice. This means joining a branch of the service and sometimes going to war. Men and women do it every day in every country. They leave family behind.  It’s for a noble cause, they say.

How do I? I’m too old to join a the armed services, so it’s up to me to help keep our world clean.


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