Writing 101 – Day twenty – Hero

Tell us the story of your most-prized possession.

Hero, that’s his name. He’s a TY bear that came into our lives in the 90’s.

We were having a meal at a Crackle Barrel here in Texas, I think the one near Waco on 35. I had decided to buy something to remember the trip. Looking around, I noticed the the TY animals that were so popular then. I’m glad they weren’t very expensive. Hubby would have said no to my choice if he had cost over $10. Both of our eyes caught sight of Hero and almost passed him up. He was a bit depressed looking, with the fur on one of his ears being too loose. He has a calic on one ear, you know, like Alfalfa had on his head in “The Little Rascals?” We both decided that he just had to join our family of stuffed animals.

Why him? He’s unique, and like us, not perfect. What does he do for us? He sits with me on the sofa that’s my bed right now. I’m unable to climb stairs right now. The only time he ever complains is if his dad forgets to bring either his brother dinosaur or sister hog down for the day. Sure, laugh. We don’t have kids. We have stuffed animals. If we start to argue at either each other or ourselves, he pipes up and tells us to settle. I guess that’s part of why we’re still together. He’s our sounding block and that’s a big order. We really consider him a prize in our family.


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