This week is almost gone…

Is it really Thursday? My body is a day behind, at least. I saw something that asked me what cause I would get behind if there were a cause. Well, I suppose it would be getting the officers of this country more sensitivity training.

I dislike the videos that I often see of officers who attack before knowing what is really happening. Like one I saw of the officer who stopped and dragged a man out of his car before realizing that the man was having a stroke (and that’s why he hit another car). The poor man couldn’t even talk or move on his own. Don’t know if the officer was punished or not, but officers should be trained better to catch things like that and handle it with more sensitivity. Don’t you think so?

On another subject….my task for today is to keep my sanity by more organization in my office. It’s messy. Honey is out of town, so there shouldn’t be any interruptions. I must gather the strength to organize better. Here goes nothing…


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