Blogging101: who I am and why I’m here

Hi! I’m Sandra and just trying to make my blog more attractive. I’m 59, and holding, and married to my best friend for 37 years now. Right now I’m still recovering from a stroke and need to keep my mind active. One of the first things the OT said to me was to stay away from the computer. Why would I want to stay away from the only means of connecting with the world? She was crazy. No way! I spend most of my day playing word games to keep my mind sharp (it really helps). The rest of the time is spent on Facebook or here. I am trying to learn to write better. You are welcome to let me know if I misspell too many words.

Don’t know yet my topics yet. That is still to come, but they won’t be too long-winded because my hands get tired easily.


9 thoughts on “Blogging101: who I am and why I’m here

  1. Good for you for doing what feels right to you, despite what the OT said. Sometimes I think they forget that everyone is different and each case is different – I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

  2. Bravo Welcome to the exciting world of blogging. I am certain you will reap the many benefits we all do as we express ourselves and our realities in words and pictures for other bloggers to experience. Pace yourself. Blog only when you want to. Have fun! Enjoy the day.

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