Blogging 101: Making comment

Checked out some of the blogs I follow on the reader and saw some really good ones today. “Udayology” at has some songs posted that were pretty good for listening to, and I commented so to him. Also visited “a Blank page” at:
It spoke one of the trips they took. I even commented on something mentioned about not seeing everything on one trip.
I also stopped it at “denisebalog…Grace filled devotionals.”
I think all Christians especially should follow here.
A Simple Life” also posted the beginnings of what looks to be an interesting mystery story. It’s here:
(although I discovered that what I made comment on was actually part 2 of the story.) You should enjoy it also.
I would like to comment here also that I enjoy all the posts I come to so far. I try to “Like” them all, but sometimes forget. It is for this course and Photo 101 that I’m able to get up every day. Even today I wanted to stay in bed all day. Being with all of you and with my FaceBook family keeps me going. Thanks for the pics and posts that keep me smiling and moving. I need to go, my hands are getting stiff.


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