Photo 101: Triumph & Contrast








Yes folks. It’s a bottle of Tide. As many of you know, I have a real bad arthritis. The strength in my arms and hands is limited. Today, however, I was able to pick this heavy bottle up from a low shelf and place it on a higher shelf. That is a triumph for me.








Colorful tree

tree grayscale







Above:Tree grayscale

Below: Same grayscale tree with added contrast

tree grayscale2






6 thoughts on “Photo 101: Triumph & Contrast

  1. I know how you feel. My triumphs are measured in gallons of milk. I never ever thought to photo and post it like you have. How creative! Not at all what I expected from the title of the post, but so relateable.

    • Not so great lately. I’ve had to start keeping my feet up at night again due to the massive edema in my feet and legs. Last night I feel asleep praying to the Lord for a miracle. My honey said this morning that my left foot didn’t look so swollen this morning. I praise the Lord! The prayers are starting to produce results.

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