Where Did The Time Go?

Its early in the morning,

Check the email accounts

Read a few articles there

Go to Twitter and check it out

Check out the forums

Spend too much time on Facebook

Post to a few blogs, think I have too many

Watch a recorded show on TV with my husband

Want to do some drawing or painting,

But it’s now getting dark and late in the afternoon

Where did the time go?


The Year Is Almost Gone.

Well, here it almost the end of September and the holidays are almost here. That means a new year is close. What have you done productively with this one?

Me? I’ve begun to learn to draw and paint abstracts. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve also begun to get more strength in my hands and legs. I managed to wipe down the toilet once this week. For those who say that anyone can do that, well, the arthritis in my left hand says otherwise.

Have walked the sidewalk outside without a walker. It’s hard, but I can do it.

I still can’t climb stairs yet, may not be able to ever again. I just can’t raise my left leg to climb anything except a curb.

I’m working on a way to put up a daybed in the sunroom to get out of that recliner I’ve been sleeping in for over four years.

I have begun writing more, got two articles at EzineArticles waiting approval.

I can run a vacuum again to help with the household chores.

I’m starting to lose a little weight, but not much.

In other words, I haven’t done a whole lot this year. Maybe next year will be more productive for me. How about you?



It’s September again…

I’m up at my computer and should be resting my legs and hands. I spend too much time in one position with my legs vertical. I need to make those legs walk around more.

My left arm is still not working as it should, but it’s getting better.

I’m still alive, at least. Back to YouTube…Been watching painting videos.