My Day

July 11, 2012

Hi! Sandra Here.

This day has been rather uneventful for me, even though it is my birthday.

They only come once a year, but seems that my last birthday wasn’t that long ago. Where do all the days go? If there was a way to slow down time I would. Then I could get more done.

I want to thank all the people that did give me special attention today knowing it was my birthday. My husband was very naughty. He bought a very delicious and filled-with-sugar chocolate cake. I ate it anyway. I love chocolate cake. It was missing the strawberries and whipped cream, but it was still delicious!

There were others that sent virtual cards and pictures. There was the pic of the delicious strawberry cheesecake that had my name on it from a Facebook friend. Thanks Beth.

There was the virtual card from Carley @ Hotspex that really made me smile and all the other guys that wished me well on Facebook.

Thanks again!

I also spent time today surfing a few manual traffic exchanges. It’s amazing that it really didn’t take all that much time to do it. Traffic exchanges give traffic to websites. I find it strange, though, that people even advertise the traffic exchange they are on at the time. This is really unnecessary. It is suggested that this IS unnecessary.

With so many traffic programs out there, I prefer the manual ones. I dislike all the email from safelists too. I was subscribed to many of these before one disappeared, another kept dropping me until I was forced to upgrade just to get available advertising, and another wouldn’t understand any of the support tickets I sent in. I ended up dropping the lists that sent out over 100 email a day. Too many to keep up with. I also cancelled my subscription to the ones that I had upgraded. Wanted to turn the money around into traffic exchanges for the bonuses they offer. If you see some of those traffic exchanges out there, sign up and check them out. Sorry that I can’t give you the links here.


I have been hearing more from several of my Facebook friends about time management and finding time for just me. This is one of them right now. I am taking time to blog! It’s been awhile and actually gives my hands a little therapy. And yesterday I took time to clean my office space. That didn’t take much time at all. It’s only a 6′ x 6 1/2′ space out of a sun room that is 6′ x 14′. The rest of that room is set apart for a bookshelf for personal books and movies and audio CDs, a table for painting at, and a dresser that I have one large “junk” drawer in and drawers for kitchen towels and place mats.

Of course, at my age, I should know more about time management. With the move last year, I haven’t picked up my paints since. I should know better. I’ve been trying to find ways to earn an online income. That has been taking so much time. I’m slowing down now since dropping all those safelists so I can start painting and maybe even quilting again.

I have also started spending more time on Twitter, Facebook, and even trying to keep up with Stumbleupon. I am also finding that it is easier to keep up with my other email accounts.

Well, Off to Stumble for awhile! See you tomorrow.