I’m Still here…

Sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve been here. No excuses except been watching shark movies a lot. Been doing a lot more for myself lately. Pushing myself to. Today I washed my own leg and put the medicated cream on it myself. I feel good about that. I am also under the weather a bit. Sinuses I believe. But they make one feel miserable. Used the microwave for the first time in almost two years(almost forgot how). I looked at the different buttons and finally figured it out. I think I shouldn’t have much of a problem preparing my own meals while my honey is out now. Yea! I guess the main reason I’ve been gone for so long is that I just didn’t feel like doing much on days that are so hot. What do you expect? I’m in Texas. It’s hot as ever here.


Overcoming Obstacles

I was over at “Puget lines and Edges” and reading his poem on overcoming obstacles. I really can relate to that poem. Lately I have been facing obstacles in my life. One of them has been having little strength caring for myself. I realize that if something was to get done a bit faster than my honey can get to it, I would need to get to it myself. Today my honey didn’t have enough time to help me bathe, so I did most of it myself. You would think a grown woman would be able to do it all, but there was only a portion on my back that I couldn’t rinse well by myself. I guess sometimes you have to say “help”. I did overcome that one obstacle that was holding me back from being able to do it all alone today. I praise the Lord for that!


Photo 101: Solitude and the Rule of Thirds









She’s all alone….

Gina prefers to sit with her brother bear on the sofa, but today she’s alone in a chair away from him. Not that she’s being punished, but that her mom is doing this special project. Her mom often feels alone when she’s in the recliner she sleeps in and no one is home but her.  Her mom used to enjoy the solitude but doesn’t any more. She’s afraid that she won’t have the help she needs when it’s needed.


Is it really Memorial Day?

Doesn’t seem so. Where did this month go? I’ve been so busy doing nothing, that I didn’t even notice that May is almost over.

I’m still fighting to lose weight. Walking around the house some without the cane or walker. As a matter of fact, I’ve had the walker moved from sight. As is often said “out of sight, out of mind.” There’s still so many corners to grab if I’ve got the feeling I’m going to fall.

I get bored too easily these days. I need daily encouragement to get up and move around. It’s not easy. Will try again tomorrow, or better yet now. See you later!


Writing 101 – Day Fifteen – A great seminar

Today’s Prompt: Think about an event you’ve attended and loved. Your hometown’s annual fair. That life-changing music festival. A conference that shifted your worldview. Imagine you’re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force.

Dear sirs,

Many years have gone by since I attended, but many still do. Bill Gothard’s Basic Youth Conflict Seminars. Why do I remember? I couldn’t afford to attend, but a friend of a friend paid my way. I needed to be there and would like to return, even if I’m almost sixty. These can’t stop!

The seminar message explains the seven commands of Christ: God’s design for our lives, living under God’s authority and those in authority over us, our responsibilities, forgiving others, giving our personal rights to him, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us, and keeping his commandments. These are important for all of the youth of today to learn. Don’t stop these! Think of all who can learn. If you don’t want to be there, at least allow others to be there. It changed my life, it could change theirs.



Writing 101 – Day ten – Has to be the Liver

Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

What was my favorite childhood meal? Liver and onions. When Mom cooked it, she cooked it well. The onions perfect and the gravy just the right consistency and color. For me it was a treat, because Mom had me on an almost constant diet. I didn’t need the gravy, but she knew I loved it. For me, that was a celebration. After I left home, I never forgot the liver. I learned to make it, though not as perfect as Mom’s but close. Too bad I married a guy who hates liver. That just means more for me! I suppose it’s part of why I’m overweight.