My week so far…

I’ve changed things up a bit in my routine recently. Been leaving the recliner feet(the recliner I sleep in) down during the day and night to be able to get up on my own when necessary. This gives my honey more time for sleeping and keeps me active. I’ve even lately been washing my own bowls after eating to help out. Last month I was surprised at the amount of weight loss I had, though it’s going to be hard this month because of my birthday. What would you do on your birthday? You would probably want to pig out too. I am unable to “pig out”, but I have been eating some Ben & Jerry’s. I’ll try to post more good news on weight loss each month(I only weigh in once a month).

The leg exercises I’ve been doing have left me sore, but it’s worth it. I just need to keep them up. I believe that losing at least another 30 pounds will enable me to get around better(and maybe even climb the stairs again).